They Said: The Missing File

They Said: The Missing File, ThumbnailIn the second of the “They Said…” book series, They Said: The Missing File, Jenny has been a faithful housewife for her husband, Steve. While he has suggested several times that she be his “Hotwife,” and agree to have sex with other men, she has refused. But they’ve been busy all month, and a woman has needs. When one of Steve’s client’s files goes missing he sends his assistant to his home to retrieve it, and anything can happen!

The “They Said…” books are a series of paired short stories or novelettes about the same erotic encounter told by at least two of the participants.

They Said: The Missing File is available now at Smashwords, Amazon, and other online retailers.

Cover design ©Gars Méchant.

Cover image ©Canstock Photo/pemotret