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The latest titles by Gars Méchant and available now at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major online retailers:

  • Diary of a Slut In-Training Part 1-It’s winter break, and Jessica, a second-year Junior College student, is looking forward to her family skiing trip. With her older sister, Patty, bringing her new boyfriend, will this end up being a memorable trip for everyone?
  • Special Delivery-When deliveryman Jason meets his girlfriend’s parents, he isn’t expecting to make a very special delivery to her mother, Bethany, just a little while later!

The following titles by Gars Méchant are available now at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major online retailers:

  • Educating Goldilocks: Remastered-Newly rewritten with an extra chapter of material! Rob had just been left by his girlfriend when Amber, who is about to graduate Junior College, finds him in his garden of misery. She believes he is the one to finish her and her two friends sexual education. Can she convince him to become their “special teacher?”
  • Extra Credit-In this newly rewritten sequel to “Educating Goldilocks,” Amber, Lisa, and Maricela are getting on with the rest of their summer after graduating from Rob’s “Marital Arts” class. With the girls, preparing for University, Rob has to wonder where he fits in? An erotic story of changing relationships.
  • TiredKristy was just planning on having a fun vacation in Vegas with her friends from work. But a group trip to an infamous all-male review changes that for her, and her six friends!
  • Waking Sleeping Beauty-Stephanie was having a horrible summer vacation. The summer before University was supposed to be fun, not boring! But a discovery changes her summer, and her relationship with her best friend forever!
  • Oops!-When Carol comes home unexpectedly early from work, she expects to find her daughter working on her college homework. Instead she catches her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend by surprise in the act. Then her daughter catches Carol by surprise by suggesting she join them for an afternoon in bed!
  • The Complete Raven and June: Volumes 1-5The entire series in one complete set. June thinks she has everything worked out. She has a great job as an engineer at a good company. Ron, her husband who she loves, is well employed at a good local accounting firm. But her world turns upside down when she meets Raven, a mysterious and exotic woman, at her husband’s company Holiday party.
  • Stag BeginningsFor the first time Gars Méchant has published an anthology of short stories on a single subject: Stag Hotwifing! In this lifestyle, husbands or boyfriends enjoy having their wives or girlfriends enjoy sex with other men. Stag Hotwifing is distinct from Cuckolding in that the husband or boyfriend (the Stag) are not interested in being humiliated. Gars has written four short stories about men sharing their wives for the first time.
  • Swap MeatLaura was nervous when her husband convinced her to go to dinner at the home of a couple experienced in swinging. How would she feel about swapping her husband’s meat with another woman, and taking her husband’s huge cock in return?
  • Football WidowsCheryl likes to go out shopping with her friend from back in her retail days, Terri, so they can catch up on the lives of each other’s husbands, friends…and Terri’s new lovers. In fact, Cheryl practically lives through Terri’s extramarital exploits. At least until one day, while their husbands are watching Football at home on TV, Terri convinces this Football Widow to try something fun with her and a couple of handsome strangers they meet in a restaurant…

The “They Said…” Series by Gars Mechant and available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and other major online retailers:

  • They Said: The DareShannon, a junior college student, is torn between being a good girl for her family, and the slut she wants to be. Will an encounter at her friend Danielle’s home with their friend Jason make up her mind?
  • They Said: The Missing File-Jenny has been a faithful housewife for her husband, Steve. While he has suggested several times that she be his “Hotwife,” and agree to have sex with other men, she has refused. But they’ve been busy all month, and a woman has needs. When one of Steve’s client’s files goes missing he sends his assistant to his home to retrieve it, and anything can happen!
  • They Said: Private ShowJennifer hadn’t been having the best of times lately. First her boyfriend left her for some chick he met on the light rail, then her car broke down on the way to work. Once there, she asked her boss, Pete to give her a ride home. Neither one expected it to end in a very private show.

The following titles by Gars Méchant are expected in 2020 or later:

  • They Said: Working Overtime-A couple of young co-workers figure out that they are attracted to each other despite their differences and consummate their lust after a particularly difficult work assignment.
  • Stag Beginnings 2The second anthology of Stag Hotwifing short stories by author Gars Méchant.
  • They Said: The Executive Masquerade-When a young and newly appointed Junior Executive of General Manufacturing and Defense and his wife go to the executive-only Christmas Party, they are hardly expecting what awaits them at the company club!
  • On The Rocks-The Vegas Cameltoe Brigade is on the prowl again, this time with a few friends who didn’t make the first trip! But this time, with Olivia insisting they do something more outdoorsy, the group goes on a rafting trip after their obligatory birthday bash for Jennifer at the Sausage Mill. Can they handle white water rafting hung over, or will they end up On The Rocks?
  • Seams-A couple explores their marriage with life-changing results.
  • The Donor: A woman visits her college friend, and leaves with a very special gift.
  • And an erotic horror series that we will leave you in suspense over. We have titles for them, we just don’t want to tell you what they are…yet.

2 thoughts on “eBooks by Gars Méchant

  1. Hi, Gars! Will there be a follow on from “Extra Credits”? I sincerely hope so, it would be such a shame to leave the two girls stranded in Europe!

    • Thank you for the kind comment, and for reading my books! I so seldom get confirmation that someone finished one!

      I’ve been considering a couple of avenues to continue the story for a while, with one following Amber, and the other following Rob. They’re not mutually exclusive, but either way, it’s likely to be a while before I continue the story. After all, “Extra Credit” came almost 15 years after I finished writing the original Goldilocks stories that became “Educating Goldilocks!”
      I do promise I won’t take 15 years before you see another story though.
      “Educating Goldilocks” and “Extra Credit” are both set in the time closer to when the first set of stories were written. To get an idea of what Maricela is doing now, you could read “Tired”. She’s not the main character, but she is a significant part of that group.

      Again, thank you so very much for the comment! I’ve been waiting for one for quite a while!

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