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Gars Méchant is an erotic story author that has been publishing short stories online for about 15 years, following a period of 5-10 years when he was writing junk he wouldn’t even post to Usenet anonymously (you aren’t missing anything.) He finally released his first four ebooks, Educating Goldilocks, Extra Credit, Waking Sleeping Beauty: A Novelette, and Tired, the first of his “Vegas Cameltoe Brigade” novels, in November 2015, his short story Oops! in February of 2016, and his new novel, Raven & June, in July of 2016, all on Smashwords, and Amazon. His next ebook will be Executive Masquerade, a novelette set in the Raven & June universe involving all new characters. We can expect Executive Masquerade to be followed by the sequel to Tired,  currently titled On The Rocks, and later Seams, a story about two relationships and the changes a bit of truth brings to them. A few short stories may be published in between those novels.

Some time after those three books are published, Mr. Méchant expects to start work on his first erotic horror series, which is currently untitled.

He is often thought of as being an extremely nice guy, whom you would never, and I mean ever, expect to write this kind of erotic fiction. He is a firm believer (and good example) of the saying “It’s always the ones you don’t expect.”

He has a profile at Smashwords, where he has published his first four novels, and his short story.

Be sure to check this website regularly for updates on these and other upcoming projects!

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  1. I have a new book releasing on April 7th. It’s an MC novel. I am wondering if you’d be interested in an ARC for review? They will be going out next week. The title of the book is Raiden’s Choice (A Ravens MC Novel: Book One). It is a standalone, full-length novel. Thank you!

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