Checking In


I’m in the process of trying to pay for this site again for another 6 months. If it goes down, it’s likely to stay that way for a couple of weeks.

I seldom update this site anyway. It’s mostly here to let you know how to hear from me on the daily on other platforms. My current favorite is NewTumbl. I have two blogs over there. One I update constantly, the GarsMechant blog, and the other h2wp2 is updated when I feel like it. So, you may want to go over to NewTumbl if you’re interested in seeing what I’m thinking about at any particular moment. BTW: The GarsMechant blog is almost all visual things, and very nsfw. The h2wp2 blog is about writing, and can be anything from safe for work to very-nsfw.

Right now I’m editing Educating Goldilocks again. Trying to get it fixed up for a new version. I’m thinking about publishing Educating Goldilocks and Extra Credit as a boxed set at Amazon for the price of Extra Credit alone, so I can get past that little $0.99 minimum price thing there (kind of).

I’m still working on Working Overtime as a They Said… book. It’s going to take time for me to complete it. Both of these projects are a attempt at changing my toolchain; trying to write in something other than MS Word while still getting it to publish correctly at Amazon and Smashwords. That’s no small feat.

I’m probably going to publish the short story Bob’s Mom here fairly soon. Maybe very shortly. It’s very Not Safe For Work, so keep that in mind if you’re in the habit of reading this site around others.

I think I know what my general writer’s block is being caused by, but I’m not sure what control I have over it at the moment. It’s not really something you need to worry about though.

In any case, wish us all luck!

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