New Blog at NewTumbl and a review of T.H. Seacrest!


In news: I think I have my problems settled with my web host. I’m not completely certain of that though, so don’t quote me. If this site goes down, it’s because I messed up on paying for the site somehow, and I should be able to get it taken care of within a week or so.

In other news: I’ve started a second blog at NewTumbl called “How to Write and Publish…Porn” or H2WP2 (my original NewTumbl is at this link, where you’ll find mostly images reposted from other NewTumbl blogs). In my new blog I’m hoping to get enough people interested in the subject to get some feedback on the ebook version I intend to publish eventually. The current version of the introduction is up on that site, and I’ll have it here soon. I have an outline and several chapters written so far, but it’s always ideal to get feedback, which is something that is quite lacking in this field. Nobody wants to admit they enjoy erotica (19 of the 25 best selling erotica titles on Smashwords have no reviews as of this writing, including the top 8.)

Or almost nobody. I do occasionally get feedback from people, either in the form of reviews, or sometimes directly from other authors. Or I just hear from them. One of the authors I heard from recently on NewTumbl is T. H. Seacrest. He has a number of e-books available on Amazon, Smashwords, and Lot’s Cave.

Before I get off on another tangent, he sent me a link to a couple of short stories he wrote under the title Trapped In the Mind of a Porn Blogger (this links the first story, and the first half of the second. The last part is linked from his story). It is obvious that T. H. likes to play with words, and the ideas are actually quite good and very well communicated. The stories venture close to taboo subjects, but nothing worse than, say, the Biblical story of Lot and his daughters, so you have been warned. Because of the adult nature of the subject matter, you will have to log into the website to view the stories, but there is no real verification system there that I have noticed. You should feel free to create an account with a burner email address if necessary.

T. H. Seacrest writes in a style that is a bit different than mine. He clearly loves words and the sounds they make in certain orders, and uses them almost as a renaissance painter carefully picks a brush and mixes oil paints to apply to a canvas, meticulously detailing the situation presented to him. I tend to work more like an impressionist watercolor landscape artist: “Oops, the brush got a bit too dry there. Oh well.”

That would be enough to recommend the stories for you to read, but he also has a quite imaginative plot device that was introduced to both of the short stories that I won’t give away here. Let me just say that you should read them yourself if anything here that I have mentioned sounds at all interesting to you. And I would definitely give his NewTumbl blog a check.

I may actually write my own short story borrowing T. H.’s plot device. He has given me permission. Personally, I’d like to work on an anthology with him and a few other similarly minded authors should the occasion arise. If it should, I would prefer that the anthology be free for all of our readers just to eliminate the problem of profit distribution.

That’s the news for today. Be sure to visit T.H. Seacrest’s site at NewTumbl, and check out his books at Smashwords, Amazon, and Lot’s Cave!

And wish us all luck!

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