Wow, that took forever!

So, I think I finally got WordPress working again here. At least well enough that I can continue to update the site.

So why now? Well, it’s time again to pay for the website. So, I figured while I worked on that, I’d attempt to fix the WordPress issues I was having.

BTW: You may just see this website go down for as much as a week or two. I’m trying to get my payment through to my web host, but I’m encountering issues. If it goes down, I will get it back up. Don’t worry about that!

By the way, I’ve pretty much given up on Tumblr at this point. I moved over to NewTumbl, and if you followed me over at Tumblr, my NewTumbl site is pretty much the same as the old Tumblr one. You can find my NewTumbl blog at NewTumbl kind of has one advantage over the old Tumblr: I know that the majority of my followers are not bots set up to sell dating apps. I’m honestly not sure what percentage of my Tumblr followers were bots, but I can say it clearly was a depressingly large number.

In summary: I got this site working, it may go down for a while, and I’ve moved my Tumblr site to NewTumbl. That’s it!

Wish us all luck!




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