The End of Tumblr As We Know It


Welcome to any of my Tumblr followers who decided to follow me over to this website.

In case you haven’t heard, Tumblr has changed it’s policies, and will be eliminating all blogs on it’s site that deal with visual erotica. That includes my own blog there, since I have reposted all kinds of stuff from other people’s blogs.

The following is my post on Tumblr, dealing with my thoughts on the matter.

This isn’t what I had planned for today (as if I had much of a plan) but circumstances have forced me to do this.

In case you haven’t heard, Tumblr is removing all visual porn from the site on December 17th. While I believe this is going to drive them to become the next MySpace, that’s not particularly important right now. Tumblr has clearly never been comfortable with the presence of pornography on their website, because if they had, we wouldn’t have seen multiple popular blogs on this site taken down without justification other than a form letter stating that their “TOS had been violated.”

In short, I believe we all knew this was coming eventually.

The big question is therefore “where to next?” I do not have a really good answer for that.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I have of late been reducing my reposting on Tumblr. I’m kind of reevaluating my life right now, and there was a chance I was going to disappear from Tumblr anyway. I have not come to the conclusion that I want to stop writing at this time. I suspect I am in a dry period, and I’m seeing signs that the dry period is coming to an end now. So, it’s kind of a bummer that Tumblr is going to kick us all off at the time when I’m going to get back to producing more content.

Go figure.

Currently, I have my own website where I can update you on my activities. I do not put visual eroticism on that website. Everything there is either my creation, or legally licensed. I created well before even starting my Tumblr. So if I, and everyone else, disappears from here, you can find me on that site. I even host several of my free books there for you to download. I strongly suggest that you head over to that site now to bookmark it, especially if you like my stories.

I also intend to start another text-only erotica site here, where I will post not only my original works of erotica, but also tips on how to write and publish your own. According to what I am hearing, this kind of Tumblr site will not (for now) be forbidden. I will post a link to that new Tumblr as soon as it is created. Keep an eye open for it soon.

If anyone has other suggestions for alternatives to Tumblr, such as Reddit or something similar, please be sure to append a comment to this post, or message me privately, to let me know. I am open to alternatives.

I currently have no idea if Tumblr will continue in the long term. It is possible for it to do well without the adult community, but I think it has a very limited amount of time to find an alternative audience. Many of the non-adult content seekers on this site moved on to Facebook long ago; long enough ago that many are now seeking the “new Facebook” (not Instagram. Really.) While I believe something will take the place of Tumblr in our communities, I am not convinced that the “new Tumblr”, whatever it is for us, will be hosted in the United States. I almost hope it isn’t. It would be a breath of fresh air to see a more worldly, even cosmopolitan viewpoint become more available to an American audience.

And that, folks, is why I go to the trouble to pay for this blog. I don’t have to worry about other services suddenly changing things under me nearly as much.

Actually, my plan for today was to try to finish Janet’s Story in the book They Said: Collectable. I figured it would be a nice Christmas present for all of you. Instead, it looks like I’m going to be creating my new compliant Tumblr blog. Don’t be surprised to see me branching out onto other sites as well. This site here will be my hub for as long as I am posting erotica. I don’t intend to drop it.

I am looking into other options, as I (and you) should always do. It never helps to get stuck in a rut. Be adventurous and move out of your comfort zone.

And, of course, wish us all luck!

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