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I just discovered that I hadn’t published my last post telling you that I was sorry I hadn’t updated the site recently. It was full of apology for not getting to it due to me having my new job, and trying to figure out where my time off was so I could write.

Well, I do have some good news, some of it very good. Now that summer is over, and I’ve been in my new job for several months, I have left my old job permanently. My new job is full-time for me, so I am not in need of the hours I was putting in there. That means that by now, I have, indeed, figured out where my free time is.

In addition, I have enough free time to continue writing. I’m into my first draft of the second-half of my new They Said… book, titled Collectible. I may even get this first draft complete by this time next week. Then I need to reconcile the two stories, edit them, and then it’s publishing time!

That would be exciting enough news to warrant a post here. However, over the last weekend, I was struck by inspiration. I have finally written outlines for the next two, not one, but two…Goldilocks stories! Wahoo!

You have to realize that at the end of Extra Credit I had at best a vague idea of what could happen. And that vague idea had never crystallized until this last weekend. I now have satisfying story arcs for all of my major characters from Educating Goldilocks. Considering that by the end of the first act of Extra Credit the four main characters had split into two groups on different continents, I had to cover what happens next in two different books. And what books these will be!

The Goldilocks Diaries (tentative title) is likely to be as long or longer than the first two books combined. That story covers as much time, or a bit more, than those other two books, so that isn’t too surprising. The second book, currently untitled, follows Rob and Maricela following the events in Extra Credit.

Either way, we get to see all of the characters grow and change. I’m seriously excited, and I hope you will be too!

Wish us all luck!

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