So many things to do…


I’m going to be fairly quiet both here and on my Tumblr site for the next week or more. I have a lot on my plate besides my regular work, some of which will become more visible over time here.

For one thing, I’m probably going to start my next story. I’m thinking of two different ones I could work on that are currently interesting to me. We’ll have to see which happens first.

There’s one idea I have looked into recently that would take a lot of work, and may not be worth it to me to do if nobody is interested in seeing the completed book. I’m seriously thinking of making an Educating Goldilocks Manga-style electronic graphic novel. It would probably be published in both Adobe Acrobat and .cbr formats. If there was enough interest, I could see producing Extra Credit as well.

Here’s the rub: It would not be free. And considering that Amazon and Smashwords are not comic book friendly, that limits how I could publish it. I would probably have to sell it here.

That means that if you aren’t interested in buying it here, there really isn’t any way I’m going to rewrite the story for a comic, or produce the artwork for it. If there isn’t a market, then it’s a serious waste of my time.

That means I need to know if it’s worth my time to do the artwork, or find someone interested in illustrating it for me and sharing the proceeds.

If you are at all interested in the idea, you need to speak up. I will not do it if I don’t hear anything from anyone. Do not keep your interest to yourself. That’s how you end up not getting to see the artwork.

I have several other projects I’m working on as well. That’s probably going to get in the way of my overactive curating of porn over at Tumblr.

Quite frankly, I’m getting the feeling that my “overactive curating of porn over at Tumblr” is really getting in the way of me getting anything else done. I may permanently taper off of Tumblr. (Don’t tell them that. It’s our secret!)

In any case, if you want to see graphic novels of any of my works, you need to let me know. This is not the time to think to yourself, “Yeah, that would be cool. But I’ll let someone else tell him that.” Trust me, everybody who reads this is thinking that someone else will tell me, and nobody will. I need to hear it from at least one person before I’ll lift a finger to do it. In the past, nobody (exactly zero people) have responded to my requests for feedback in this way. Keep that in mind.

In any case, wish us all luck!

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