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I’ve updated several pages on the site, including adding a “Most Recent eBooks” section to the “eBooks by This Idiot” page, and some other updates. I found, for example, that the page for Football Widows still said it was an Amazon exclusive, when it hasn’t been for months.

I’ve also added a page for Stag Beginnings 2, even though that book might be coming out later, rather than sooner. We’ll have to see.

I’m still trying to decide on what my next project will be, and I may not come to any conclusions before Friday at the soonest. I have a lot of ideas, pretty much all of the time. Choosing one and sticking to it can be a lot of work in and of itself.

In other news, I installed Jetpack onto my WordPress installation here a few days ago, and now it isn’t working. I’m still debugging it to see why.

Wish us all luck!

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