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I haven’t been updating this site nearly as often as I should. I feel bad about it. Right now I’ve been concentrating on my Tumblr site. Hopefully, you’ve heard about it and have checked it out, especially if you aren’t offended by pictures of naked people, which would be strange considering the content of my books.

The latest news is that I’ve published two new books, one of which is *free!

Ok, let me digress. Free is not quite the same as *free when you’re talking about ebooks. It’s frustratingly difficult to get your book to be listed as free on Amazon. They are supposed to have price matching, which you are supposed to be able to point out to them when something is cheaper elsewhere. The reality is that they often choose not to price match free ebooks, in my experience. When I want a book to be free, I then price it at $0.99 on Amazon, and attribute that cost to the Amazon Tax.

I do point out my books are free elsewhere, but until Amazon decides to price match my books, don’t be surprised by the Amazon Tax.

In any case, new books! The first is called Diary of a Slut In-Training Part 1.

It’s winter break, and Jessica, a second-year Junior College student, is looking forward to her family skiing trip. With her older sister, Patty, bringing her new boyfriend, will this end up being a memorable trip for everyone?

It’s available at Amazon and Smashwords for $1.99.

When deliveryman Jason meets his girlfriend’s parents, he isn’t expecting to make a very special delivery to her mother, Bethany, just a little while later!

It’s available for free at Smashwords, and for $0.99 at Amazon (currently).

I published this story here a few months ago. It’s fundamentally the same, but if you want it in ebook format, go ahead and download it.

Now I need to create pages here for these books. Darn.

In other news: I did a few behind-the-scenes updates to this website today. Hopefully my blog posts will look just a smidge more professional. If not, I can definitely undo them, and I’m not afraid to do that.

Later this week I may start to work on my next story. I have a plethora of ideas to work with, it’s just a matter of deciding which to start on.

Okay, I might spend the rest of this week deciding what my next book is. Hopefully I’ll actually start it before the end of the month.

Wish us all luck!

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