It’s The Holidays…

Usually this time of year, I don’t get much done. I spend any spare time I have working around the house, not writing.

This year is no different. The most I’m getting done is just organizing things, and sometimes writing down ideas. That’s about it.

The Holidays are about spending time with family, not writing porn. At least when you’re old enough to enjoy such things. Doubly so if writing porn isn’t your “day job”, which it isn’t for me.

The upshot is: I have some cool stories planned for next year, including a couple of novels (Seams, maybe On The Rocks) and novellas (Executive Masquerade, Diary of a Bed Hopping Snow Bunny), and the sequel to Stag Beginnings, which would be the creatively titled Stag Beginnings 2. (That’s because I’m cheap. I didn’t want to spend money on another new cover design.)

I may also have some interesting things happening with a completely different story line under another byline. I’m still thinking about it, and may have updates for you sometime early in 2018 on that front.

I hope you are spending your Holidays with those you care about.

Wish us all luck!

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