Announcements (cool ones)

It’s work time for ol’ Gars. I’ve made myself a lot of it, and I want to share some of it with you.

In case you didn’t know, I have a Tumblr blog that I use almost daily. I’ve been following another popular Tumblr, Slut-Problems, which is run by another independent author, Jennifer Johnson. Her main Tumblr was shut down last week, and she lost most of her followers in the transition to her new Tumblr, Slut-Solutions. She has a website, where she coordinates things, so if you were following her before and can’t find her now, go there to find her current Tumblr. I’m probably going to create a new Tumblr as a backup to my main one, in case Tumblr also decides to shut me down there. This site will act as a difficult-to-shut-down coordination site for those who are looking for me in just such an event, in addition to it’s regular duties.

I’ve also decided to focus my Tumblr site a bit more on the actual work of writing and publishing. Not just on writing and publishing porn, but also on more general fiction writing. I expect much of that content to become part of a non-fiction book I’ve wanted to write for a long time, called How To Write and Publish (Porn). If you are interested in those aspects, you may want to take the time to follow me over there. Even if you aren’t, I’ll definitely put links here to some important information that you can, and should, use even if you aren’t interested in writing. Safe internetting, and all.

Because of the above, I’m taking time today and tomorrow to back things up. I don’t want to lose anything if someone decides to take me out because porn (or specifically my porn) suddenly becomes a hot-button topic.

Now, on to cool things:

I’m still actively working on both The Donor and Diary of a Bed-Hopping Snow Bunny. Expect those to be finished sometime after the new year, probably. Remember, it’s the Holiday Season, and I tend to slow down a bit in this time of year.

But I would like to take the time to announce a new anthology I’ve started to plot out:

Yes, I’m starting to get things going on the sequel to my anthology, Stag Beginnings. I only took the time to make the cover for the second one so early because I knew it would take maybe ten minutes to do. I was right.

The original anthology has four stories, three told from the point of view of a Stag husband convincing his wife to become a Hotwife. I’ve plotted out two stories for the sequel so far, and both were from the wife’s point of view. I’m not sure if that means this book will be more balanced, or if it will lean towards the Hotwife point of view. Either way, if you liked the first one, you will probably like the second.

If you would like to support me as I write all of these stories, and start work as well on novels such as Seams or Executive Masquerade, you can do so first by purchasing my books at Smashwords or it’s affiliates, or at Amazon. The next best way is by spreading the word: Reblog my posts at Tumblr; write reviews of my books; tell your friends about my works. Those are by far the best ways to support me or any author.

And, of course, wish us all luck!


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