Starting to make changes

You may have noticed that new widget in the bar to the right that says “Help Pay For This Site”. That’s a new way for you to help pay for the content you get here for free, including several of my ebooks. You can help pay for my website, including the bandwidth, hosting, and registration, by clicking on the “Start Mining” button there. How does this help with my bills? When you click the “Start Mining” button, your computer will start to mine a cryptocurrency called “Monero” in the background. This won’t bring your computer to a halt. I’ve opted to throttle the miner to only 50% for two threads as the default setting. Even cheap laptops can handle this processor load and be hardly noticeable to the user. If you have a more powerful computer, you can help me more by increasing the thread count or the speed, or both.

This is only one of the changes I’m making around here. I intend to start hosting my own short stories that you can read here, and expect this kind of mining to be required to read those stories.

It’s either that, or put up ads. I don’t think you want to see “TAKE ONE PILL AND FUCK ALL NIGHT LONG!” ads all over this site. I certainly don’t. I’d rather just pay for the low-bandwidth version of this site myself.

I intend to start that experiment with a short story titled Special Delivery, which I published over at my Tumblr recently, and also on the now-terminated Slut-Problems Tumblr. This story, in one form or another, is going to be a freebie in my upcumming book Diary of a Bed-Hopping Snow Bunny. Yes, that’s the title. It’s based on my old story Bedhopping. I started to realize just how ridiculous the story title could be, and just pushed it as far as it would go.

BTW: I’m looking at some ways to keep in touch with my Tumblr followers in the event Yahoo terminates my site, as they did to Slut-Problems. You can still contact Slut-Problems at her website, or at her fallback Tumblr.

Other changes include more aggressively advertising my books both here and on my Tumblr. Don’t be at all surprised to see all kinds of reminders to buy my books. I’m starting to understand that you can’t beat that horse to death, and if you don’t try, you’ll never get anywhere.

Speaking of things to try, I really need your reviews for my books. I’ve tried subtly asking you to review any books you read, but that isn’t working. It’s difficult for people to find my books if they don’t hear about them. I need my readers to review them, and suggest them to other readers. On Tumblr, you can do that by reblogging my book mentions. Elsewhere, you just have to review the book, or mention it on your social media, perhaps through the new social media links you now see between the title of this blog entry and the text. I haven’t seen any new reviews in quite some time, and would like to. Please take the time to review any book you read on Amazon, Goodreads, or any other site you go to find and buy books, but be sure to review mine if you like them. And please mention my books to your friends.

And that’s where things lie right now.

Be good to each other, and wish us all luck!

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