Just an update

I started working on a short story and I outlined a new novel last month. I expected to be able to finish the short story through publication some time this month, and then start the novel, but both of my pay jobs decided this week to work me heavily through the whole month. I won’t get back to writing prior to November, and perhaps not before January.

Bummer. But I have to put my effort into the tasks that pay me the most, or are most worthwhile.

I did get the idea yesterday that I may serialize the novel Tired sooner rather than later. That seemed to seriously help get more attention to Raven & June, so why not try it on a book that is currently doing as badly as R&J was before I broke it into 5 volumes? There are, what, three major sex scenes in Tired, if I recall correctly, meaning maybe three volumes. I’m not sure I would cut this one into episodes, but I’ll have to consider that, at least. I may simply make Tired-Volume I free from the get-go, and see if anyone buys the other two.

Keep in mind, prior to serializing Raven & June it could be had for $2.99, and now you have to pay $5.99 for it. If Tired is serialized, expect the full volume to go for no less than $3.99. It currently retails for less. In other words, jump now or pay more later.

Tat pretty much covers everything. Wish us all luck!

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