Fiddling with numbers

In case I haven’t mentioned this by now, I like to fiddle with numbers. Not just any numbers, I like to look at things statistical-like. In this case, I’m looking at my sales in comparison to a couple of things.

Right now, I’m just looking at my gross sales since publication of each of my books over time (per month), and per-1,000-words. So far, I’ve only analyzed my Smashwords income. I’ll take care of Amazon next week (as possible. Kindle Unlimited accounting makes a comparison of the two books I had there difficult.)

If I look at my per-month gross at Smashwords, then Raven & June comes out as my big moneymaker since publication.

I found that a bit surprising, but I’m glad considering how much work went into it. It’s more than double the length of my next longest book, Tired, which came in second-to-last, before Waking Sleeping Beauty.

I didn’t stop looking at the information I gathered there, though. I also decided to look at how much I earned per-1,000-words since inception. In that way, Oops! is the grand winner, with They Said: The Missing File coming in second, and Raven & June coming in third. This order changes slightly if you calculate $/Kiloword/month: Oops!, They Said: The Missing File, Stag Beginnings, and Raven & June, in that order.

I’m not including calculations for books available on Smashwords for less than a month. Those numbers are ridiculous.

I went into this expecting my income per 1,000 words to be higher for short stories. That hasn’t exactly turned out to be the case. I’m happy to see that my expectation wasn’t met. If it had been, I might have given up longer form writing as a money losing proposition.

However, to get there, I really had to work hard. When Raven & June debuted, it did as badly as Waking Sleeping Beauty. In order to push it so much higher I had to serialize it, meaning I had to create a whole lot more covers for it. That cost money, which I’m recouping.

The upshot is that I’m less likely to write On The Rocks, my planned sequel to Tired at this point. That’s disappointing, since I have an interesting story in which to set the Vegas Cameltoe Brigade. I may try something like serializing Tired to see if I can push sales up a bit, but I’m not sure if that’s reasonable at this point. It’s a shorter book than Raven & June, and doesn’t have the same kinds of story beats.

Besides number crunching, I’m working on a short story called The Donor, and I just plotted out an upcoming novel or novelette called Seams. I know, I’ve been promising that one for quite some time. I’m just about ready to write it. I’ve also started working on How To Write and Publish…Porn. That fact-based book is including all of my hard-won experience in getting these books done. I’m sure I’ll include some of these statistics as well in that work.

That’s what I’ve been working on lately.

I just realized: I need to create book pages for a couple of books. Bummer. Well, I guess I know what I’m doing next week!

Wish us all luck!

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