Completed 5 chapters this week!

I’m done through Chapter 22 of Raven and June! That’s 12 chapters in two weeks! More than I had finished the previous three months!


And I discovered a flaw in the worksheet I was using to keep track of the number of words in the book. It was displaying roughly 32,000 words, when in fact I’ve written over 41,000! That officially makes Raven and June my longest novel to date. I’m not yet done with Act 2, and I still have to write Act 3, so there’s a lot more room for this novel to grow. And after finishing the first draft, I still have to rework it, and then do a final edit before I’ll be ready to publish it.

Now, I’m going to take a bit more than a week off, starting tomorrow. I may work on the cover a bit, so I can reveal it one week from Monday, but no promises!

Wish me luck!

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