Completed chapters 18-20

Yesterday I managed to finish Chapter 18 from last week, and start chapter 19. Today I completed 19 and 20. I’m planning on working at least on Chapter 21 on Thursday, but after that I need to take some time off for Spring Break. You may not hear from me for a week or so.

That’s not a bad thing, though. I need to spend more time with my family.

So far, Chapters 18-20 are based on material from that unpublished Raven and June short story, “A Significant Swap.” I was expecting it to go quickly, and in some ways it has. But there have been some interesting changes. Right now, about 1/3 of Chapter 18 is original material. And Chapter 20 ends completely differently from the short story. Part of the reason for that is that I’ve lengthened the timeline for the events in the short story. Originally it covered one night only, and now it’s covering two or three (okay, three.) That’s allowing me to spread some things out, as well as add an element that was not in the short story at all, and in fact, has never been an element in any of my stories: Light Bondage. I realized months ago that it could be an interesting and recurring part of the story, but it would have to be introduced carefully to fit into the story arc. In fact, it’s become an integral part of the story. Without it, the story isn’t as interesting, and it would leave loose ends that I can’t leave.

Yes, that means that Raven and June is a stand-alone story. I don’t intend to leave room for sequels to this one. Sorry, fans!

That the BDSM keyword would likely increase sales of the book only occurred to me recently, after I researched the best selling erotic fiction books on Smashwords. It had been an element of the story outline for quite some time before that.

I’m okay with getting a few more readers this way. Maybe some of them would be interested in my non-BDSM (light) titles, and they just need the introduction to my work to get them to buy other books by me.

Or not. Who knows?

At least we’ll know in a month or so. I still have to finish the first draft, then fix and edit it, before I can publish it. I know there are errors earlier in the book, and I’m waiting to fix them until I finish the first draft. I need to get through it, or I could get stuck in a write->fix->write->fix… loop. That’s kind of what happened to Educating Goldilocks. But that was largely because of the format of the original Goldilocks stories, and the way I was publishing them.

So, in any case, I’ll probably see you in a week!

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