What I got done this week

I managed to finish Chapters 11-17 of Raven and June this week, and start Chapter 18. I expect to complete Chapter 18 early next week, and possibly get everything done through Chapter 22 or so. Most of that is going to be converting older material to chapters, so much of the work is theoretically done, however you could say the same of Chapter 18, which I had to completely change about half of. So, we’ll see how much work is involved.

Even though some of those chapters were short, I’m still very happy with the progress this week. I’m hoping I can keep the momentum. If so, then I expect to have the first draft of the book done in early April (considering a week-long Spring Break is going to stop progress) and then about two weeks of editing. Since I have the cover nearly complete already, I expect to have the book published before the end of April.

I was actually pessimistic about that, considering the slow pace of my work up until this week. This is all good news.

I expect to publish Bedhopping after Raven and June now, just because I don’t want to lose my momentum by working on something else instead. That, and I intend to add material to Bedhopping, instead of just editing the old story. It’s material I’ve intended to add to it for years.

Then, well, I’m not sure. I have a lot of books I could work on. We’ll just have to see if I end up working on Seams, On The Rocks, The Angelique Fontaine book, or the erotic horror trilogy. I’m not short of options.

Wish me luck!

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