Significant progress on Raven and June this week!


I’m very happy to let you know that I’ve finished six chapters of Raven and June just this week!

Now three of those chapters, consisting of about 2/3 of the volume, were previously published as the short story “Happy Fucking Birthday,” but even then, that’s a huge amount of progress.

And I’m not slowing down yet. Today I’m starting on Chapter 17, which is the beginning of the previously written, but never published, novelette “A Significant Swap.” It’s about 10,000 words long by itself, Raven and June is already over 30,000 words, and I still have a ways to go after this novelette is incorporated into the book! There is no further doubt that Raven and June will be my longest novel yet.

I really hope someone reads it.

I may take a few hours to get Oops! ready for publication on Amazon some time in the next week. Bedhopping may have to take a rest while I work on the novel for a few weeks. I need to take advantage of my interest in writing the novel while I can.

Wish me luck!

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