Further progress on Raven and June

I wrote Chapter 11 from scratch yesterday. It ended up being short, since I really didn’t have to do much more to connect to the events in “Happy Fucking Birthday.” I needed to get a couple of things squared away, but not much. So this chapter is a bit more than 60% the length of the previously shortest chapter in the book.

As soon as I completed Chapter 11, I started the work to convert “Happy Fucking Birthday” into chapters in the novel. This conversion is going at least as well as I hoped, so far. I expect the ending to be substantially different, but most of the material is converting well. Well enough, in fact, that I completed Chapter 12 yesterday as well.

I may get four chapters in the book done this week. If I can get a couple of chapters done next week, then I will probably get to start converting the “unpublished short story” (I originally called it “A Significant Swap”) into chapters. That alone is going to be at least four, and possibly five chapters. It’s almost 10,000 words long, and I intend to lengthen it by at least one more major scene.

Once “A Significant Swap” is converted to chapters, then I have another one to three chapters to complete Act II of the story. Since this is a three-act play, I have to write some significant additional material following that.

That means I have a lot more work to do. I believe I’m more than halfway done with this book. If I’m lucky, and can devote the time to it, it should be done by the end of April.

Which is at least partly the reason why I’m also working on Bedhopping. If you read the original short story by that title over at Pixie’s Place, then you know the main gist. But I do intend to add to the story, specifically adding a lot of material at the end. A big part of the reason why I’m doing this is because of Oops! That quickly became my best seller (not a difficult thing to do, mind you,) and I’m pretty sure it did well due to the moretaboo nature of the book. Mom joins daughter for sex with the daughter’s boyfriend. Bedhopping has similar themes that I can take advantage of. And after looking through the “Erotic Fiction/Best Sellers” part of Smashwords, it’s pretty clear that the best selling erotic fiction books aren’t generic couples romantic/erotic fiction for the most part. The best sellers have to stand out. BDSM, MILF, paranormal, incest, and gay (wait, not lesbian?) fiction end up there the most (almost in that order.) Since I can easily convert “Bedhopping” to an ebook and add elements of MILF and possibly incest at the same time, I can conduct the experiment to see if I can increase sales by adding those elements.

And while I’m going to be adding some (very) light bondage to Raven and June, that was planned long before I started looking at the Best Sellers in my genre. I probably will be making that more prominent in the marketing copy now. Maybe.

So, yeah, I may be using my creativity to write books, and these are books that I would like to both read and write, but it is a business, and I will use any information I have available about that business to do better at it. If that means that I may let projects less likely to do well stagnate (Seams) for projects that are likely to do better (my erotic horror trilogy) I sometimes will. Not necessarily forever, but more profitable ideas will get attention first.

Welcome to the ugly underbelly of the creative arts.

On a completely different note, I gave out a coupon for a free book to a Facebook friend last week on her birthday. I let her choose the book at Smashwords. I’m seriously thinking of making that my standard thing. If you like the idea of getting a free ebook of mine from Smashwords each year on your birthday, be sure to friend me there.

If you have any comments about any of this, please feel free to leave them below. I’ve been waiting a long time for a comment, don’t you think I deserve one?

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