Making progress on Raven and June!

So I finished Chapter 9 and am about a quarter to a third of the way through Chapter 10 of Raven and June. I think right now that there is a good chance there will be a Chapter 11 before I get into the chapters that contain the main storyline of “Happy Fucking Birthday.”

Considering how much more story I have to finish, I’m hoping I’ll have it done by the end of April. Currently the novel stands at about 20,000 words. “Happy Fucking Birthday” is over 5,000 words long, and the unpublished “short” story is nearly 10,000 words long itself. Combining just the material written so far would make Raven and June as long as my longest novel so far, and I still have to write the conclusion of the second act, as well as the entire third act.

I expect the final word count to be over 40,000 words, possibly into the 60,000 word range before I edit it (that’s just conjecture.) So I guess you could say “Halfway Done!”

But not really.

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