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I haven’t done much today except work on the cover for Raven and June. It’s nearly done, and quite pretty (even though I removed a picture I paid money for, and am unlikely to use in the future. Ack! Lost money! Dude, relax! You haven’t made a dime of profit from writing yet!)

On a far, different subject: I’ve been thinking recently (and I’m sure I’ve mentioned this way too much) about publishing older stories of mine. Two of those are “The Dare: Shannon’s Story,” and “The Dare: Jason’s Story.” They were conceived of together (hence the name) but written about 10 years apart. They are about the same events as told by two different participants, giving a different angle on the story. I was thinking of putting them together in a single ebook and publishing it for perhaps $1.99. But now I’m thinking of doing something else.

What I’ve been thinking of is getting other writers to work on a book of short stories in this format with me. It would be a book of short stories written by different authors that included at least 2 stories per event, each told from the perspective of a different person. If you’re having problems imagining it, think about E. L. James’ 50 Shades of Grey, and her more recent Grey. Both books are about the same events, just one is from the perspective of Anastasia Steele, and the other from the perspective of Christian Grey. Or Rashomon, if you’re a movie buff.

I was thinking the book could be called something like He Said/She Said, but that presupposes all of the stories will be told by one woman and one man, and I would like to avoid forcing it into that mold, so I’m looking for title suggestions. My biggest problem is cost of the book. If we charge for it, how do we split up royalties, and make sure it’s done correctly? My thought is that the book should probably be free in order to avoid that kind of squabble, and the contributors should use it as a way to introduce themselves to the readership of the other authors. Think of it as a business card–you don’t charge people for those, even though it costs you money to have them made. But I’m open to suggestions for that too.

If you have any suggestions, or would be interested in contributing to such a project, please comment below or email me!

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