Oops! is published!

I just uploaded and published Oops! at Smashwords! This is my first book of the year! It’s priced at $1.99, but if you’re a member of my email list, I’m going to be sending out a coupon for the full amount shortly. That’s 100% off, just for joining my email list! Value!


I also spent a good portion of the day updating some pages on this website. I made minor changes to my author’s bio, and updated the ebooks page to reflect the new book.

If you paid attention to the old About the Author page, and then visited the new one, you may have noticed that I took out the reference to Pixie’s Place. And you may notice that I’ve increased the references to Smashwords on the pages about the books. There’s a reason for that.

When I published Waking Sleeping Beauty amongst other stories to Pixie’s Place last year, I included a foreword and a signature that mentioned that I had several books coming out soon, and to pay attention to this site for updates. Afterward I noticed no increase in page views at this site at all, and no comments by Pixie’s users after repeated promptings, even though the stories there had well over 2,000 combined views. I can’t continue to promote a website that doesn’t get me any returns on the effort.

Which brings me to another interesting point. I haven’t published Oops! to Amazon at this time, and I might not until I publish Raven and June. Why? Because I get a lot more sales from Smashwords than I do from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Since Amazon is a distant second or third, it doesn’t do me a lot of good to publish there right now. But I will publish Oops! there sometime soon, at least by the time Raven and June is published. It makes more sense to me to publish Oops!, Raven and June, and any other books I might have at that point as a batch than to take the time to publish them one at a time on my second biggest distributor.

So, that’s all of my news right now. Leave me comments below if you have anything to mention, or even if you just want to let me know you’re reading this!

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