Oops! Nearly Done!

I believe the cover is finished for Oops! And, of course, I had to reveal it here immediately!

Cover of Oops!

Cover of Oops!

Yeah, I turn into a 12 year old girl when I want to show things off. Because it’s sooooo cooool! And pink. Cool and pink. Very girly.

And, in case you didn’t notice, it’s the very first cover of any of my books that shows the face of a character, in this case, the main character of Carol, or Mrs. S. Don’t get too used to that, as I don’t expect it to be a common theme of my book covers. I rather prefer to put something key to the plot on the cover rather than a person. That’s why the porcelain figurines on the cover of Waking Sleeping Beauty, and a hand of Blackjack and the Vegas Strip on the cover of Tired. The chalkboards and hands on the covers of Educating Goldilocks and Extra Credit were in keeping with the sex-ed class theme of the first book.

But that wasn’t why you came here, is it? You want more information on when you can read the book. Well, I fully expect to publish this book on Wednesday. Tomorrow I’m booked with other things to do, so I almost certainly won’t have time to publish Oops! before Wednesday. I expect to price it for either $1.99 or possibly $0.99. Subscribers to my email list will be getting a coupon for 100% off the price at Smashwords. I’ll send that out to the email list on the day it’s published, which gives you a couple of days to join the email list before you miss your chance to read the book for free. Expect that to be a trend for my shorter books.

That’s pretty much it for now. I’ve made very little progress on Raven and June in the past few days, but I’ll start up on that again immediately after publishing Oops! I’m currently on course for a late March publication for Raven and June.

Which reminds me. I’ve been thinking for a few weeks of sharing sample chapters of my books with other writers, and vice versa. If you know someone who is interested in sending me a sample chapter of a book that will probably be published around the end of March or early April as well as their author bio so I can put them at the end of Raven and June, and would be willing to put the first chapter of Raven and June as well as my author bio at the end of their book, I would be quite happy to make the swap. I see this as a win-win for both of us. I’m looking for chapters from a novel or novelette, not short stories, maybe 200-2,000 words long. I would only take a short story if it was one of a compilation. I want my readers to have a reason to buy your book, which is why I don’t want a short story outside of a compilation, and also why I wouldn’t expect you to publish the entirety of Oops! at the end of your book.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in swapping chapters, feel free to contact me through email at garsmechant@gmail.com. It may take a few days to a week for me to respond, because I suck at that. But I will get back to you about it!

If you have any comments about the cover (which is sooo cool!), or my chapter-swap idea, I’d love to hear them. Please post them below!

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