What’s been going on?

So, you want to know what all the silence has been about for this week, hmm? Well, it’s simple: Housework. I’ve been doing work on the house. The house nearly works. This is a good thing.

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t done anything else, just that I haven’t done very much of anything else. No progress on Raven and June.

I do have the cover for Oops! nearly done. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I had it finished on Monday, and the book published that day as well. That means I need to figure out how to do Smashwords coupons. That’s for the email list subscribers, so they can get Oops! for free.

More work.

Also, I believe I mentioned that I’ve been considering working on some more taboo subjects in my novels. Well, I have nearly finished the outline on the prequel to the story that ended up being changed into Waking Sleeping Beauty. That novel might be the next one after Raven and June, but I would bet that I’ll start on On The Rocks first.

That could mean that Seams is on indefinite standby. I haven’t outlined that story yet, and it’s going to be so emotionally draining that I may need the break after Raven and June.

So, right now, my publication order appears to be:

  1. Oops!
  2. Raven and June
  3. On The Rocks
  4. The “new” version of Waking Sleeping Beauty and the prequel story at the same time.
  5. Maybe Seams
  6. The first book of The Erotic Horror Trilogy I keep promising, along with a separate ebook of the background information, which will be free for email list subscribers through a Smashwords coupon.

The reason I call it the “new” version of Waking Sleeping Beauty is that I am publishing this version for the first time, not that it is newer than Waking Sleeping Beauty, just that nobody else has ever seen this version of it.

This brings up an interesting issue that I have. I’m not sure I want to have both Waking Sleeping Beauty and the new version available at the same time. That could mean that Waking Sleeping Beauty may not be available after I publish the new version. If you’re at all interested in reading Waking Sleeping Beauty, then I recommend you download it before I finish the new one. They share too much for me to be comfortable in leaving them both out there. I don’t want someone downloading both unaware of the similarities and feeling ripped off. I would.

I have a tentative title for the “new” Waking Sleeping Beauty. I’ve been calling it Unboxing Family Secrets. However, I don’t really have a tentative title for the prequel. If you see me referring to The Angelique Fontaine Story, then that’s the book I’m referring to. I don’t think right now that I’ll keep that title. I have a few others rattling around in my head, but I haven’t settled on any of them.

Right now I’m not sure which story is going to be longer, Raven and June, or Angelique Fontaine. I’ll be interested in seeing what comes out of those stories.

And yes, Angelique Fontaine is a prequel to Unboxing Family Secrets. After coming up with that story, I started wondering what could lead to it, and Angelique was the answer I came up with.

Boy, do I have a lot of behind the scenes info about that story for you! And Raven and June, for that matter.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or anything to add. Please just leave a comment, below!

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