100th Post! And I’m still not shutting up!

I just noticed that this is post number 100. I’ve probably written as much here, or more, than I have in any of my novels. Yay! 100! Woo hoo!

Okay, I got that out of the way. I’m still scanning this site daily with Sucuri Sitecheck. So far, I haven’t seen any suspicious activity, but that could be a result of nobody knowing this site exists besides me and one or two other people. Security by obscurity. Not a good plan, but it’s working currently since there doesn’t seem to be any security at all for popular WordPress sites.

I just finished formatting Oops! for publication through Smashwords. I don’t currently have any plans to publish it on Amazon, at least not yet. Maybe next week. I just need to complete the cover, which I may have time to do tomorrow..

Here’s the plus for you. I’m going to create a coupon code for the book that should bring the cost down to zero on Smashwords. But you can only get it if you subscribe to my email list. I’ll publish it on the same day I publish the book, which will otherwise be $0.99.

So, if you want to read Oops! on your ebook reader for free, then I recommend joining my email list now! After the email goes out is too late!

Be sure to comment below if you have anything to say about this “important” anniversary, the coupon, or any interesting gossip!

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