More progress!

“What’s this? Am I hearing rumors of progress?”

Yes, you are. Today I edited the story for Oops. It’s not a book, yet, but I’m more than a third of the way toward making it one.

Did I mention that Oops is firmly part of the Goldilocks Universe, just with different characters? One of the girls gets mentioned by name, along with two other minor characters from Extra Credit.

Not sure if that interests anyone or not.

Actually, I rightfully should call it the Danielle Universe, since she seems to be the one that glues these stories together. She gets around.

And you’ll see her in action once I edit both of “The Dare” stories into one book. Those stories are callef “The Dare: Shannon’s Story,” and “The Dare: Jason’s Story.” That might be the next one I publish as an ebook.

Wait, that’s not the progress you were expecting? How about that I rewrote the main sex scene in chapter 6 of Raven and June to remove an unlikely sex toy, and add in two other elements, lengthing the chapter? How about how I started chapter 7, which is all original material?

Is that enough progress for one morning for you?

Hopefully I have time tomorrow to get chapter 7 done, and start chapter 8, which will either be all original material, or will be the first part of “Happy Fucking Birthday.” Either way, expect chapter 7 to be finished this week.

I also spent a few minutes analyzing the book so far. I have no doubt that it will be my longest book to date, and certainly my biggest emotional roller-coaster ride so far. Yes, more than the end of Tired.

Wish me luck!


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