I managed to get two chapters done today. Both were based on the short story “Raven for Lunch.” One thing that surprised me was that I managed to elaborate on the sex scene, something I have hardly ever done to those short stories that I’ve converted to novels. Usually I end up cutting things out in the conversion. But considering the direction the novel is taking, this chapter had to be more tender, have more exploration, and take more time than the original.

That’s not saying that I won’t change it in the rewrites.

I also went back and added an element to some earlier chapters that needs to be there for later parts of the story.

I’m also pretty sure right now that I’m going to rewrite my old short story “Oops” for publication on Smashwords in the next week or two. If so, then it will be the first to include the Smashwords coupon code for email list subscribers. Just to remind you, the coupon code will be for 100% off retail, but only good on Smashwords for a shortish period of time. I’m thinking a month is good.

That’s assuming I figure out how to use Smashwords coupon code system.

I’m hoping to get another chapter or two of Raven and June done this week. That might be possible. It depends on the rest of my schedule, though.

In any case, thanks for listening to me!

If you have any thoughts, feel free to leave them in a comment below.

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