The results of my test

I modified Tired so that now the ladies are drinking Vodka and Kablamm! energy drinks instead of just the generic Vodka and energy drink a couple of days ago. I also added a few lines of dialog related to that change to explain that Kablamm! is an energy drink. Then I uploaded the modified book to Smashwords.

Why did I do this? To test to see if that would cause Smashwords to mark it as a new book and feature it. Would that potentially increase my sales? Yes. But it would also explain why I’m seeing other authors books have more recent publication dates than the last time I saw their book, or how they can “write” half a million words in a month.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to write that much in a month, but I will say that you probably can’t do it and maintain quality while having much of a life.

The result was no, Smashwords doesn’t consider it a new book. This is not a way to game the system.

So now I’m left with a couple of possibilities: 1. My memory is faulty and they really are pumping out more than 14,000 words per day on average. 2. They have found another way to game Smashwords. Right now, either possibility seems equally possible to me.

So, it’s time for me to stop feeling sorry for myself for not having a ton of (or any) people reading this site, or waiting for my next story with baited breath. It’s time for me to start engaging potential fans more directly, and making it easier for them to connect with me.

I already have a Facebook and Twitter accounts. It’s time to use them.

I have an email list set up. I need to pay attention to it.

I have a website and blog. Maybe I need to overhaul them.

And I have a book in progress. I need to finish it.

Wish me luck!

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