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So, I mentioned that I have sick family that may keep me from writing much. I got a break today, but starting tomorrow, I’m going to be busy with them. It’s not going to be fun. Hopefully they’ll be better quickly, but that might not happen. It may be weeks, even months, before we see improvement. But we are very likely to see just that.

I’m thinking of making some minor modifications to Tired. I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed in my writing that I avoid trademarks like the plague. For example, the women in Tired are always gulping down Vodka and Energy Drinks. I’m sure you’re familiar with Vodka and Red Bull, and the reason I didn’t use that combination in the book is because I respect the company that makes Red Bull, and the other companies that make other energy drinks. I don’t want to make it look like they endorse my work. I wouldn’t do that to them.

But, I needed to make sure the Vegas Cameltoe Brigade was both alert and drunk, and nothing does that like a Vodka mixed into an energy drink. So, I created the generic “Vodka and Energy Drink.”

So, how does that affect Tired?

I was looking at the profile for another author on Smashwords, and I noticed that she had published a whole lot of books in December. Almost 450,000 words worth. That left me dumbstruck. Then I looked at the list more carefully, and started to notice titles that I had been aware of prior to the beginning of December. That’s when I realized that these weren’t new books, they had just been republished on the site.

That got me thinking. If a book gets modified, and then republished on Smashwords, does it end up getting highlighted as a new book again?

I figured that might be worth looking into.

So, I’ve decided to come up with a new energy drink for the Vegas Cameltoe Brigade. I’m thinking of calling it Kablamm! since I can’t find any references to a drink called anything like that using Google. And it fits my overall sense of humor to call it that. Don’t be surprised if Kablamm! shows up in other stories, even those that I have to republish to fit it in.

My next move might be to add it into Tired, and the upcoming On The Rocks, and maybe even Educating Goldilocks, although that’s less certain considering the timeline for these stories.

In a little bit, I’m going to publish my Behind The Scenes of Tired essay here. Luckily for you, it’s a one-parter.

And, as usual, if you would like to comment on anything I’ve said, please leave it below!

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