Might be changing the order of the next books

Yeah, I know I didn’t post anything this week. I warned you about that repeatedly. It’s the Holidays! Or, it was. The holidays are largely behind us now, and we have a New Year ahead. Time to get some things done.

I spent part of this not-blogging week writing the outline for the sequel to Tired. This one is likely to be called On The Rocks. I actually enjoyed writing it enough that I think I’m going to change the order that I write my next group of books. My plan was to write Raven and June, then Seams, and then maybe On The Rocks. At this rate, Raven and June and On The Rocks may come out at the same time, assuming I don’t publish the second of the Vegas Cameltoe Brigade books first.

That was surprising to me. Not to you, if you’ve been following me.

But, I have other important things to do, like set up site encryption for this place. I’m going to try to get that set up this month.

And life seems to be interrupting me again. You may not hear from me much this month. I’ve got sick family I need to take care of. So be patient. I’ll do whatever I can to get those books published this year, not next.

Stay tuned! And please comment below, wishing everyone here a Happy New Year, like I am!

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