Nearly there!

I got quite a bit done today. First, I uploaded all four books to Amazon for Kindle publishing. They are awaiting review now, and should they be approved, will probably appear there within 48 hours.

They promise 12 hour review times, but considering the erotic nature of these books, I’m being cautious. If they have reservations, I have time to fix things.

Oh, and Educating Goldilocks will be $2.99 on Amazon until they price-match to the other sites. That is just a temporary artifact of their pricing structure that I have little control over. I could have priced it at $0.99, just as I did with Waking Sleeping Beauty, but since I have to charge for it right now regardless, I may as well get the higher royalty rate. If you want it for free on Kindle, go to Smashwords.

Secondly, I posted the first two chapters of Educating Goldilocks to Pixie’s Place. I intend to post several at a time until the full book is published there. I may pause if Amazon doesn’t publish promptly, as I did with Waking Sleeping Beauty, but it will get published at Pixies! Count on it!

As usual, should you wish to leave any comments, I want to read them!

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