I published them! Eek!

So, I’m suffering the full-blown, bull-moose of all contradictory emotions.

First of all, I’m elated that I finally uploaded and published all four(!) books, Educating Goldilocks, Extra Credit, Tired and Waking Sleeping Beauty to Smashwords. Within days you will be able to find them not only on Smashwords, but also iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and who knows how many other places. (Jeez, so many italics! Have I become a 12-year-old girl?)

But now I have to face reality. Prior to today, I could pretend in my head that I was some kind of undiscovered erotic literary genius. Today that is no longer valid. Today I am a published author. Today, if I don’t do well, it’s my fault. Nobody else’s.


I’ve also published chapter 4 of Waking Sleeping Beauty at Pixie’s Place. So far over 200 people have read at least one chapter of that book. When I can find my books on some of the other sites, I’ll publish the final chapter at Pixie’s, and start publishing Educating Goldilocks there as well. I also announced the publication of the books at Pixie’s, too.

So this is kind of a big day for me. It’s potentially positive, but the risks are big too. The big one being failure.

Yeah, I’m freaked out.

If you are not a SPAM Bot, and would like to make some encouraging remarks, feel free to post them below. If you would rather post disparaging remarks, just leave a review at the site you got the book from. I’m deleting “you suck” comments with extreme prejudice.

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