How goes the cover?

I’ve spent the last few days working on the cover for Tired. Most of that time was spent finding appropriate pictures for it. This morning I spent several hours on the basic layout. In short, I’m probably about 5% done with it. Hopefully I’ll be done with it by Friday. Of next week.

Why so long? I still have a lot to do in my personal life over the next week. Also, this cover has almost nothing in common with the covers for the Goldilocks books. So none of my experience or previous work carries over. It’s all new.

Once this cover is done, I still have enough work to last several weeks. I was hoping to get them done sooner, but that goal of having them published by the end of October is looking more likely right now.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll start in on the next set of books immediately after publishing these three, or wait until after the Holidays. That might, in fact, be prudent.

As usual, wish me luck! And drop a comment below if you’re not a SPAM Bot!

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