So, how’s Educating Goldilocks coming along?

Pretty well, actually. The title character has gone through some changes that should make editing Extra Credit a bit less painful. I’m also not so afraid of Smashwords refusing to publish my story because of it’s “unoriginality” due to it being previously published in a different form by that other guy, “NastyGuy.” (FYI: “NastyGuy” is an old pen-name of mine.) The story has gone through so many revisions, I’m not sure it’s the same story anymore.

I’m more than half-finished with the main changes, but since they’re more extensive than I had originally expected (as usual), I’m going to redo the editing job. So don’t expect Educating Goldilocks to be done until late next week at the earliest, and there probably won’t be any movement on either Extra Credit or Tired until mid-August.

It’s Summertime, and I have other things to do.

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